In a recent interview, NASCAR President Steve Phelps addressed the question of what the schedule for the upcoming season will look like. Especially when it comes to including and excluding all kinds of racetracks, street courses, road courses, short tracks and ovals.

Although Phelps didn’t give a concrete idea of ​​what the situation will really look like, he gave a hint of what the schedule will look like in the future, after mentioning the “hard” nature to find a type of racetrack.

“I think we are getting to a point where we could have some saturation on the road course side. We will continue to listen to fans and see what fans are interested in seeing,” he said.


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“They told us they wanted more road courses and short tracks, the short track stuff was tough.”

However, fans weren’t entirely convinced on the short track of what Phelps said. Most of their reactions really asked why and how finding more short circuits to fit on the schedule is such a difficult task.

Dale Earnhardt Jr had also called out NASCAR for not including more short tracks

Dale Earnhardt Jr, arguably the biggest name in NASCAR, has been quite vocal about including shorter tracks in the schedule. In addition to his arguments for short tracks, he also makes it very clear why road courses in general, and adding more road courses in particular, don’t work.

“I was hoping for a little more shor tracks, he said. “I’ve been saying that for years, I’m even a little tired of hearing myself say it. We need more short tracks just because they’re fun.


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Earnhardt Jr. pointed out that road courses didn’t do anything for him.

Do you think NASCAR will add more short tracks to the circuit or will it continue to ignore what the fans really want?


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